Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

An integral part of taking care of your gazebo is taking care of the landscape that surrounds it. As February comes to a close, we know Midwesterners aren't the only ones itching for spring. Here are a few tips ...Keep Reading ›

Maintaining a Wooden Gazebo

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Gazebo Orders: Frequently Asked Questions

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3 Reasons to Purchase a Gazebo Kit

What if owning a gazebo was as easy as purchasing a kit and assembling it yourself in just one short weekend? Well, it is! is known for their quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. We are also known for our easy-to-purchase gazebo kits. If you’re ready to jazz up your ...Keep Reading ›

Which Outdoor Structure is Right for You? offers several structures to enhance the homes, backyards and commercial environments for our customers. While every product is designed with precision and handcrafted for quality and longevity, each has ...Keep Reading ›