Winter Maintenance for Gazebos


We're not sure about the rest of the country, but here in the Midwest we're experiencing some harsh winter weather. From whiteout driving conditions, heavy snowfall several days a week and temperatures well into negative digits, we're feeling the wrath of mother ...Keep Reading ›

Gazebos are Back in Season

Gazebo season is back in full swing! At least, that’s what we have gathered from all the new quotes we have gotten! It may be January, but it’s never too early to start planning for the spring. invites you to start searching for the outdoor centerpiece that will make your ...Keep Reading ›

How Gazebos Add Value to Your Property

Purchasing a gazebo is about more than adding a wealth of beauty to your backyard. It's about enjoying the outdoors, creating new spaces to relax, entertaining friends and family and being creative with landscaping. With that ...Keep Reading ›

3 Components of Building a Great Gazebo

Planning Ahead

There are plenty of factors that go into planning for a gazebo. First you will want to consider the type and style of gazebo you’d ...Keep Reading ›

Questions to Ask When Buying a Gazebo

Buying a gazebo is a lot like buying a car. You need to be informed and do your research. Just like consulting with a car dealer about a new vehicle, purchasing a gazebo requires you, the customer, to ask questions ...Keep Reading ›