How to Winterize a Gazebo

At, our outdoor structures are built to last a lifetime. That means your gazebo, pavilion, pergola or three season gazebo is designed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. While our gazebos are sturdy and durable, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be ...Keep Reading ›

Dressing Up Your Gazebo

What type of gazebo are you looking for? Wood or Vinyl? To properly answer this question, you must first consider what your gazebo will be used for. Will it be blended in with the rest of your landscape? Then perhaps a Keep Reading ›

5 Tips for Building a Gazebo

Getting ready to build a gazebo? We’ve done some of the homework for you. Spend less time sweating the hard work and more time enjoying your new outdoor living area. These tips will help you build your gazebo ...Keep Reading ›

How to Decide if a Gazebo is Right for You

Buying a gazebo: You’ve contemplated it for years. You’ve thought about all the things you would do if you had one. You’ve even browsed lawn gnomes and plants based on the idea that you would someday have a gazebo. But for some ...Keep Reading ›

Why Now is the Time to Buy a Gazebo

When is the best time to buy a gazebo? Right now. That’s right - right now is the best time to purchase a gazebo from We know what you’re thinking - ...Keep Reading ›