Creative Pergola Ideas

More substantial than an arbor but less confining than a gazebo, a pergola may be as simple as nothing more than an entryway to a tranquil garden. On the contrary, it might be a grand structure that’s the focal point of an outdoor space. Either way, Keep Reading ›

Pavilions: For More than Just Parks and Picnics

Think back to any community picnic you have ever been to. The party was hosted underneath a pavilion, correct? Pavilions are traditionally seen as public picnic shelters, community park shelters and ...Keep Reading ›

Gazebo Decor: 5 Ideas that are Perfect for Summer

When it comes to relaxing outside, we think of one of our handcrafted gazebos as the perfect backyard getaway. Whether you’re in need of a sunny spot to entertain or nothing more than a quiet place to sit back and relax on a beautiful summer day, a gazebo from is all about ...Keep Reading ›

How to Make the Most of Your Gazebo

So, you installed a gazebo kit. Now what? All too often homeowners long for a gazebo to compliment their outdoor space, but then do not take the time to enjoy it. As gazebo experts, the staff at wants ...Keep Reading ›

Traditional Uses for Pergolas

Pergolas have long been used in garden and home design to provide strong vertical elements. Their purpose is not one-dimensional; a pergola can be used for whatever purpose its owner desires, but are often seen to frame views and openings, provide shade from the elements, house climbing ...Keep Reading ›