Gazebos: A Multi-Functional Outdoor Structure

From backyard gardens to neighborhood parks, gazebos can be seen almost anywhere these days. The enormous popularity of gazebos can be attributed to the fact that they combine attractive decor with simple functionality, and can be used to a multitude of purposes. Available in a variety ...Keep Reading ›

Build a Gazebo Kit in One Short Weekend

Fix yourself a pitcher of lemonade and let the fun begin - you’re building a gazebo in just one short weekend. At, our DIY gazebo kits are delivered straight to your door with simple instructions for completing your gazebo in a short amount of time. From our experienced ...Keep Reading ›

What is Your Gazebo Style?

For those still searching for their unique style, offers more than a few gazebo styles. While you may see yourself as a traditionalist, an Oriental, Victorian or Contemporary gazebo might actually be the style that speaks to you. Depending on your home’s decor, what the ...Keep Reading ›

Keeping Pests from Your Gazebo and Garden

Now that your gazebo, pergola or pavilion is standing tall, you will want to keep it like that - especially during summer. Unfortunately, there is one thing that can get in between you and your beautiful looking gazebo: pests. From raccoons, rabbits, insects and deer, wild life can be ...Keep Reading ›

Gazebo Lighting

Your gazebo is a fantastic place to relax during the day - but what about at night? If you’d like to turn your gazebo into an enchanting evening getaway then add some lighting to brighten things up. Gazebo lights serve the purpose of not only lighting up an area, but they also add more ...Keep Reading ›