Your gazebo is a fantastic place to relax during the day - but what about at night? If you’d like to turn your gazebo into an enchanting evening getaway then add some lighting to brighten things up. Gazebo lights serve the purpose of not only lighting up an area, but they also add more light to areas away from the home after dark - making watering plants, taking out the dog or just enjoying the night breeze a little easier (and safer). It is never a pleasure to hold a garden party in a pitch black garden. So take the time to choose gazebo lighting carefully to make your gazebo a truly special place to be.

Chandelier Lighting: Make your gazebo feel a little bit more like the inside of your home with chandelier lighting. A chandelier for your gazebo will add an elegant touch to enjoying outdoor meals or a quiet evening entertaining guests. 

Ground Lighting: Ground lighting around or near your gazebo is a great way to add subtle yet effective ambiance to your outdoor space. It also serves as a safety precaution, so that you or guests can make it back to the house or other parks of the yard without tripping in the dark. Additionally, a ring of low-voltage garden spotlights around your gazebo could prove to be quite the elegant touch if your gazebo is designed in a way that allows that light to come in.

String Lighting: Also known as “rope lighting,” string lighting is a fun, traditional and casual way to add a touch of lighting to your gazebo or outdoor space. String lighting comes in a variety of styles, from small Christmas light-style lights, larger string bulbs, paper bulbs and more. 

Solar Lights: For the “green” in you, install solar lighting for your gazebo. While solar lights are very easy to place and install you will of course only get good use of them if the sun has been out during the day, which makes them a little risky. You will also need to be sure that solar lights are placed in the the right spot - somewhere that allows them to collect the energy they need to operate. This can limit your options. 

Why not add lights in the backyard? Outdoor lights are a great way to highlight not only your gazebo, pergola or pavilion, but  the entire backyard as a whole. Decks, gazebos, and pool areas can all be lit up to provide hours of late night entertainment. Guests will be able to relax in the backyard and enjoy the beauty of the landscaping long after the sun has set.